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Valentine's Day postcards are availabe!


Congrats to Elvis on his Sixth Canadian Championship!!

New photos from Skate Canada practices, Skate Canada and the Sears Canadian Open have been added (thanks, Lynn!). Check out Photo Gallery 7.

Valentine's Day postcards will be availabe soon!


Added articles on Canadians in the News section.


At Skate CanadaNew pics were added to "More Faces" at Photo Gallery 4 as well pics of his new LP to The Mummy and An Evening of Country on Ice in Photo Gallery 6.

Good luck to Elvis this week at Canadians as he goes for his 6th Canadian Championship!


Congrats to Elvis on his Silver medal at the Grand Prix Final, where he unveiled a new LP to "The Mummy" in the super-final round.

The redesign of the site is finished. Now there is only one site for everyone to enjoy, regardless of whether you have WebTV or not. Hope you like it.

I've added a couple articles to the News section, I updated the Skating History section, and the Year-by-Year section. Artwork was added to the Art Page as well. There is also something new entitled the Pricless Mastercard Ad. Enjoy! :-)


Yes, we're still getting settled in our new home, but it's coming along! Did you all remember to see Elvis at the Sears Canadian Open? He won the Silver! Congrats, Elvis, on a job well-done!

What I plan to do with this site is change the JavaScript navigation so that people with WebTV and older browsers can also view it. It takes too much time to have to keep up 2 different sites of the same thing, so bear with me (plus I'm running out of room! :-) ). It will be a little while before I get the new navigation finished, as I'd basically be rebuilding the site. Don't worry, this site will still be up!

New articles have been added to the news section and I've updated the Skating History and TV Schedule sections.

In sunglasses

Hello, and welcome! As you can see, the old site has changed and grown by leaps and bounds! There's tons of stuff to see here, and more will come in the future! This page will keep you updated on changes/additions to the site.

There's tons of pics, games, info, and other goodies. Have fun while you're here and drop us a line; let us know what you think. Also, please let us know if there are any dead links.

The Holidays are upon us; be sure to check out our Elvis Holiday postcards (The earlier error with the postcards has been fixed).

I (Stacey), your trusty Webmaster, am moving this week so I will not be able to do much with the site for a couple weeks until I get settled, but I will be back! If you E-mail me photos, questions, comments, etc., I will eventually get back to you, so just hang tight.

Don't forget to tune in to USA On Thursday night, December 2 to see Elvis live at the Improv! Also, The Christmas Angel will be repeating on the 4th. Those with CTV, don't forget about the Sears Canadian Open on the 4th as well.



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