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Here's a simple FAQ of the questions I get a lot of.

1. You are the best! Can you send me an autographed picture?

Gee, thank you! :-) No, seriously, we are not Elvis and we are not affiliated with him. If you would like to send him an autograph request or letter, you can do so by mailing him at:

c/o Ed Futerman
Mentor Marketing
2 St. Clair Ave. East
15th Floor, Colonia Tower
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4T 2R1

2. Who is his girlfriend?

I'm sorry, but we won't discuss his private life. That is his business and we should keep out of it. I know you're curious, but we should respect his privacy.

3. I really like his _______ program/ I missed ________! Where can I get a copy on tape?

You're in luck, folks! You can check out the Classifieds section of our site if you're looking for something in particular on tape. I only have 1 VCR and can't dub tapes for you, but I'm sure you can find someone who can.



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