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In 1994, Elvis began his yearly tour of champions. The proceeds went to his charity - the Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities. This year he is not doing the tour in order to have more time to train.


Opening Number: Jump


  • Elvis Stojko- Eye of the Tiger (with Phillipe Candeloro), / El Guierno, I Can't Help Falling in Love with You/Jailhouse Rock
  • Surya Bonaly- Opera of the Meadow
  • Tonya Szczwenko- I've Got Rhythm
  • Steven Cousins - Great Balls of Fire
  • Shae Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz - I can't Cry Hard Enough
  • Urbanski & Marval - Blues Brothers Medley
  • Caryn Kadavy - I Get the Blues
  • Liz Manley - I Love You-Goodbye, Take You Back
  • Usuva & Zhulin - Sinatra Program
  • Mischutnik & Dmetriev - Classical Piano Piece
  • Phillipe Candeloro - Livin' in America, TheGodfather
  • Robin Cousins - Satan takes a Holiday


Opening number: "Right Type of Mood"


  • Elvis Stojko ("Jam", "Give in to Me", "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You/Jailhouse Rock", ___)
  • Underhill & Martini ("Unchained Melody", ___)
  • Bourne & Kraatz ("Day-O" & "Return to Innocence")
  • Klimova & Ponomarenko ("Romeo & Juliet", ___)
  • Liz Manley ("Get Ready for This", "The Impossible Dream")
  • Gritschuk & Platov ("Adagio In G Minor")
  • Usova & Zhulin ("Fantasy In D Minor")
  • Lu Chen - ("The Last Emporer")
  • Kovarikova & Novotny (Phantom of the Opera)
  • Michelle Kwan ("East of Eden", Spanish program)
  • Steven Cousins ("Great Balls of Fire", "Dancin' Fool")
  • Urbanski & Marval ("I Feel Good", ___)
  • Jozef Sabovcik ("Trapped")
  • Gary Beacom ("I'm Your Man)
  • Scott Davis - Wild Things
Group number: Grishtov & Platov, Bourne & Kraatz, Usova & Zhulin, Klimova & Pomanerenko - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"


Opening Number: Riverdance


  • Elvis Stojko ("Love is on the Way", "Mission Impossible", "Heartbreak Hotel/Jailhouse Rock",
  • Michelle Kwan ("Pochohantas", "Winter")
  • Isabelle Brassuer & Lloyd Eisler ("Blues Brothers", "I'll be there for You")
  • Bourne & Kraatz ("Sometimes When we Touch", "I Would Do Anything for Love")
  • Brian Orser ("I get a Kick", ____)
  • Liz Manley ("Legends of the Fall")
  • Rudy Galindo ("Ave Maria", Ricky Ricardo medley)
  • Jerod Guzman & Natalie Vlandis (Grease Medley)
  • Klimova & Ponomorenko ("Summertime")
  • Menzies & Bombardier (Elvis Medley,)
  • Jennifer Robinson ("Perhaps")
  • Steven Cousins ("I'm in Love With You, Baby (And I don't even know your name)")
  • Urbanski & Marval ("Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde")
  • Usova & Zhulin (? Mask Program, Blues Program)
Group Number: "500 Miles"


Opening number: Kodo Drums


  • Elvis Stojko: ("Candle In the Wind '97", "Whole 'Lotta Shakin'", Enrico Caruso program, "Love Me Tender/Jailhouse Rock")
  • Nancy Kerrigan ("Indian in the Cupboard", Celtic Program)
  • Underhill & Martini ("Not a Day Goes By","That's Where I'm Down")
  • Liz Manley ("Proud Mary", "Fly")
  • Rudy Galindo (Brady Bunch Medley, Ice Castles)
  • Usova & Zhulin ("Love Story", Jazz number)
  • Yuka Sato ("My Weary Heart", "Higher")
  • Surya Bonaly (Cirque De Soil program)
  • Urbanski & Marval (Western Song)
  • Laurent Tobel ("Swan Lake" parody)
  • Bereznaya & Sikharulidze (Yanni, Swan Lake)
  • Savard-Gagnon & Bradet (Les Mis)
  • Webster & Kravette
  • Gary Beacom ("Till the End of Love")
Group Number: Western (duet with Stojko & Sato), Salute to the Olympics


Opening number: Magic Trick, Lost in Space


  • Elvis Stojko ("Keep on Lovin' Me Baby", "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing", "Everytime I hear that Mellow Saxophone", "Jailhouse Rock")
  • Katarina Witt ("Angel", "Rescue Me")
  • Phillipe Candeloro ("D'Artangon", Saturday Night Fever Medley)
  • Woetzel & Steuer ("Mandy", "Last Dance")
  • Rudy Galindo (Village People Medley, "Bring in the Clowns")
  • Jozef Sabovcik ("Slow and Easy", "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'")
  • Urbanski & Marval ("Wild Thing")
  • Savard-Gagnon & Bradet ("That Thing You do", French Ballad)
  • Liz Manley ("Cowboy's Sweetheart", "Uninvited")
  • Punsalan & Swallow (Sonny & Cher medley, ___)
  • Karen Preston ("Silent World", "Eternally" (?))
  • Tonia Kwiatkowski ("Black Cat", "In his Kiss")
  • Grischuk & Zhulin ("Smooth Operator", "Unbreak My Heart")
Group Number: Swing Medley (Brian Setzer)

Duet: Elvis Stojko, Katarina Witt ("You're the Boss", Brian Setzer Orchestra)



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