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Yes, the one and only Elvis Stojko Drinking Game! This is NOT meant to pick on anybody; it's just a way to have fun. So grab a couple of brews, pop in a couple of Elvis tapes (or catch the skating on TV this season), and enjoy!

Take 1 drink when:

  • Three time World Champion is mentioned
  • Something about Elvis' strength is mentioned
  • The groin injury is mentioned
  • Elvis and the Martial Arts is mentioned
  • Elvis has awesome footwork

    Take 2 drinks when:

  • They show Elvis' mom
  • Elvis attempts or lands a quad
  • Elvis does a combination jump
  • Elvis skates to a soundtrack
  • The split from Doug Leigh is brought up

    Take 3 drinks when:

  • Elvis says something philosophical
  • We see Elvis getting ready backstage
  • Elvis runs his fingers through his hair
  • We see Elvis' dad
  • Elvis hugs or kisses a gal in the audience

    Take 4 drinks when:

  • Elvis falls on a jump
  • Elvis does commentary
  • Elvis swivels his hips
  • Rod Black says "Elvis (or The King) is in the building."

    Guzzle the whole bottle when:

  • Elvis shows a hint of a "feminine side"



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